Introduction to Skin and Cells (Online Self-Paced)

This online course is designed to teach the basic knowledge and understanding of skin and cells that make up integumentary (skin) system, it was created for anyone new to this industry or for those who wish to refresh their knowledge.

It provides an overview of how different cells and organelles contribute to their role in the creation of the skin structure, the different layers of the skin and what important cells are found within those layers.

Course Covers:

  • Layers of the Skin: Epidermis, Dermis and Subcutaneous

  • Important Cells Found in the Layer of the Skin

  • Cells and their Functions

  • Collagen, Elastin and Glycosaminoglycans (Gags)

  • Keratinisation

  • Acid Mantle

  • Sebaceous and Sudoriferous Glands

  • Types of Tissue

  • Blood Cells

  • Hair Growth Cycle and its Physiology

Duration: Self paced, approx. 4 hours (you have 10 days to complete the online course, from purchase date)

Cost: $99 (inc. GST)



Intermediate Skin Anatomy & Physiology

A comprehensive face-to-face course suitable for a professional post-beauty graduate practitioner who want to up-skill their existing knowledge or a dermal therapist wishing to undergo a refresher. This course is also highly recommended as a foundational course, for those who are wanting to learn advanced modalities or devices, such as skin needling, IPL, laser, Radio Frequency, Plasma Fibroblast or EpiBlading.

Intermediate Skin Anatomy & Physiology carries on from our ‘Introduction to Skin and Cells’, going into much more depth about the skin, dermis, cells and their function and also covers skin assessment. 

Course Covers: 

  • Integumentary System 

  • Structure of the Hair Follicle and Hair

  • Immune System

  • Lymphatic System

  • Blood Vessels

  • Nervous System

  • Types of Tissue

  • Woods Lamp Analysis

  • Basic Skin Conditioning - pigmentation, vascular, photo-ageing

  • Assessment - Skin Conditions and Concerns

  • How to perform a comprehensive skin assessment


This is suitable for those who have completed the online course or those who hold a diploma in beauty and are wanting to increase or refresh their knowledge and understanding of the skin. It is also suitable for nurses and doctors.

Duration: 1 day, 9:30am - 5:30pm

Cost: $1199 (+ GST), additional students: $599 (+ GST)

1. TADLI Head Office – Mount Waverley, VIC
2. Onsite –  extra $250 (+ GST) travel fee is applicable for an educator to come to your location *

Assessment: TADLI certification will be provided upon passing theoretical and practical testing

* Additional $50 (+ GST) and travel costs are applicable if you are outside Melbourne metropolitan areas

Had a plasma training with Australian Dermal & Laser Institute and it was a very knowledgeable and successful experience.
The information and support given by them is exceptional.

Ashy Ram - May 30th, 2019


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