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Do you feel that you're not utilising your current modalities to their maximum potential? Clinical coaching is for those wanting to improve their results and treatment offerings without the large investment that comes with a new device.

Nancy Abdou, CEO & Founder of TADLI and ABIA Educator of the Year 2021 & 2022, is passionate about advanced devices and speaking off-label about combination therapies.

Prior to your session, Nancy will gain an understanding about your clinic, treatment menu, devices currently used and your objectives, enabling her to customise your perfect coaching session.

What Does it Entail?

  • Refresh your knowledge on how each device works and the science behind the technology

  • Discuss when and how to combine treatments, for enhanced results and client satisfaction

  • Work together to create treatment packages and pricing structures

  • Write several new protocols that can be implemented immediately

  • Motivate and inspire your team


Duration: 2 hours minimum

Delivery: virtual or in-clinic (fee may apply)

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