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Larimide is a Spanish brand, developed by pharmacists. The founders have 25 years of experience formulating for several other advanced skincare companies.

Larimedical is formulated with high strength ingredients, of natural origin, making it 100% safe and effective. With a range of both Professional Use Biomimetic Chemical Peels, and Home Use retail products, each targeting different skin concerns and conditions.

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Biomimetic Chemical Peels

The Larimedical Biomimetic Chemical Peel range contains 10 unique formulas, targeting different skin conditions and concerns:

  • Comedopeel - Inflammatory Comedogenic Acne

  • Agepeel - Premature Ageing

  • Scarpeel - Psoriasis, Atopic Dermatitis, Acne Scars

  • Hydrapeel - Epidermis Renewal and Rehydration

  • Pureglycopeel - Cell Renewal

  • Melanze - Hyperpigmentation

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