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Transcend™️ Photo-Facial System 

The Transcend™ BBR (Broadband Rejuvenation) is at the forefront of light therapy technology, designed to deliver unparalleled results for your clinic. Utilising advanced motion broadband technology, the Transcend™ BBR offers four times the speed in treatments, the ability to treat all Fitzpatrick skin types, and effective solutions for a variety of skin concerns. This innovative system ensures no pain, no downtime, and incredible results, making it the ideal choice for clinics seeking to elevate their service offerings.

The Transcend™ BBR is fully computerised to deliver the right dose of energy at the right frequency, safeguarding against undesirable side effects. The targeted heat stimulates skin cells to regenerate new collagen, restoring the skin's overall appearance to be smoother, firmer and more vibrant.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Cooling Technology
    Ensures no pain and minimal discomfort during treatments.

  • Fast and Efficient
    Treatments are four times faster, allowing for quick and effective sessions.

  • Versatile
    Capable of treating all Fitzpatrick skin types and multiple skin concerns.

  • Cutting-Edge Design
    Sleek and elegant design with user-friendly interface.

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