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TADLI LED devices provide a range of wavelengths, each offering unique benefits that can be utilised as standalone treatments or for addressing specific skin conditions. By combining wavelengths, comprehensive sessions can be created that cover a wide spectrum of skin improvement and personalised treatment programs.

417nm - Blue

Delivers potent antibacterial properties that effectively target and eliminate acne-causing bacteria, by converting porphyrins to oxygen molecules in order to reduce the severity of acne. It acts as a preventive and treatment measure for managing acne.

525nm - Green

Aids in superficial inflammation and lightening hyper-pigmentation and may benefit various skin concerns driven by inflammation such as rosacea, dilated capillaries, melasma and sunspots.

633nm - Red

Effectively penetrates all skin layers, delivering rejuvenation benefits by boosting adenosine triphosphate, stimulating collagen production, initiating cellular repair, and promoting fibroblasts. The synergistic effect of red light ensures optimal skin rejuvenation, making it highly effective in addressing uneven skin texture, wrinkles and scarring.

Incorporating 633nm LED as a pre-treatment, is crucial for enhancing wound-healing, treatment outcomes and reducing downtime post-treatment.

850nm - Near Infra-Red*

Enhances cell permeability, allowing for improved nutrient absorption and waste elimination, thereby reducing inflammation. It also boosts cell metabolism, facilitating greater nutrient uptake and increased ATP synthesis, resulting in improved cellular function.

*Not included in the TriLUX LED. 

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