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The Importance of Topical Actives In Achieving Superior Results

Featured in Beauty Biz Year 14, Issue 5.

Selling skincare can often feel like a challenge to therapists, but rest assured, prescribing and selling active skincare not only is simple but also extremely beneficial for both you and your client.

It’s all about education. Educating clients on the benefits and importance of utilising topical, functional active’s on skin that may be poorly functioning or sluggish is the key to a successful journey for both you and your client. Especially when invasive aesthetic treatments are being performed approaching warmer weather and melanocyte activity is higher and more likely to pose problems.

First of all, let’s clear one thing up, not all skincare is created equally. There is a lot of science that goes into creating effective, cosmeceutical skincare so it is important your clients are using a quality professional range to really benefit from their home care products that have been specifically prescribed for their skin.

When we are performing a treatment and creating controlled trauma, it’s vital that the skin is functioning at optimal levels to have the capability to create physiological changes, such as stimulating or synthesising collagen, elastin, GAG’s, cytokines, Interleukins and the like - to ensure the desired result, is efficaciously delivered.

Top 6 Functional Active's for Skin Prep

There’s an abundance of active’s on the market, performing exceptional tasks, however, the following are my top 6 functional active’s to include in your clients home care routine while prepping the skin.


Using the AB&C’s of skincare on a daily basis provides the skin with essential nutrition for optimal health. A - building block for collagen, increases cellular turnover and circulation, repairs damage B – plays an important role in inflammatory and immune response inhibits the transfer of melanin to keratinocyte C – essential collagen precursor, tyrosinase inhibitor, a powerful antioxidant Check out Skindividual’s Activate, VitaBoost and Lumen-C for a powerful yet gentle ABC trio ideal for skin preparation.


Sun Protection



By including these 6 topical actives into all of your client’s skin preparation for 4 weeks prior to commencing your treatment program you are ensuring:

  • A stronger healthier skin and skin barrier

  • Optimal skin function and cellular activity

  • Improved mitochondrial function, boosting ATP

  • Reduced downtimes, side effects and postinflammatory hyperpigmentation

  • Quicker wound healing times and

  • Superior and enhanced results

It’s simple really if the skin does not have the required ingredients and tools to do what it is supposed to do – what’s the point of even performing ANY treatment? There’d be no point really. Further, if the client experiences extended downtime, hyperpigmentation or a reaction, chances are, they won’t consider another treatment. So ensure you are prescribing what the skin needs and deserves, to give your clients superior results they’ll rave about, safely.

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