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Covid Cancellations

Featured in Beauty Biz Year 15, Issue 1.

Ensure Your Business Survives in 2022

Welcome to my first article for 2022, in the Beauty Biz Dermal Section. 2021 whilst both challenging and rewarding, ended spectacularly with the fabulous recognition of 2021 ABIA Best Educator of Year. I couldn’t be prouder to be recognised and rewarded, during one of our toughest eras for our industry and am so thrilled to be educating, inspiring, and motivating you all in the years to come.

It’s a familiar feeling when the receptionist just looks at you horrified, as the phone rings these days… is it yet another covid cancellation? Books aren’t as full as they should be and times are still uncertain, looks like things may drag out further. You must have a strategy in place.

So, what are some of the most cost effective, easiest, and best ways to ensure you can still make a decent profit, with the number of cancellations that occur? There are several, but here are some of my tried and tested methods. After-all, I ran a number of highly successful skin clinics across Melbourne and had the chance to see what worked well during the GFC and helped many clinics stay motivated and inspired via education during the pandemic.

Apart from engaging a salon or clinic coach, which I highly recommend, you can implement the following strategies right now, not only just to survive, but also to thrive long-term:

Create a Skin Journey for your Client

In other words, a treatment plan. Starting from skin prepping with products and selling your clients an LED membership, which offers them unlimited LED treatments a month. We all know, skin that’s prepared properly, responds more efficiently, renders better results, recovers faster, whilst reducing risks and side effects. Following on, skin needling is amazing at preparing the skin as it optimises cell function, down regulates melanocyte stimulating hormone, upregulates interleukin 10 (reduces inflammation) and restores dermal thickness, along with inducing collagen. Making it an amazing skin prepping treatment and segue to other aesthetic treatments, producing exceptionally better results, safely.

Value add & Combine Treatments

Cross Promote

Refer a Friend Program

Bring a Friend for Free

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