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The secret of young, smooth, luminous and vital skin is a monthly treatment that acts daily on the different needs of our skin with the incorporation of scientifically advanced molecules, tested and biocompatible with the dermal needs of daily life.


This treatment will prevent premature aging, blemishes, dehydration and dull skin, while maintaining vital functions optimally and reinforcing the skin’s regeneration mechanisms.

Larimide Pro SHOCK Range Ampules

GST Included
  • Shock treatment against the appearance of skin imperfections. 

    Contains ingredients that rebalance the lipid layer, with powerful anti-seborrheic and antibacterial properties, which have a balancing effect on the sebaceous glands, preventing the formation of imperfections and reducing bacterial proliferation.

    Recommended for oily skin.


    Generates a purifying action that is especially indicated to correct small imperfections and impurities in acne-prone skin. Helps to mattify the skin, prevents shine and reduces the appearance of pores.



    • Green Tea Extract
      Acts as a moisturiser and antibacterial, reducing excess sebum. The astringent function of the tannins that form are capable of regulating the excess oil in skin that are prone to acne, and reduces the appearance of pores.
    • Bioflavonoids
      Act as powerful antioxidants, helps tp fight the signs of ageing, preventing the formation of new wrinkles and skin imperfections. Regulates the tone of the skin, for a uniform illuminated complexion.
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