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Weero Synergy gel is a professional gel specially designed conductive gel including peptideand HA complex to maximize skin improvement result of aesthetic device.It works synergistically when used with the EVE Ace of Face.


  • Optimum conductivity

    • Great conductivity of RF heat and Microcurrent with optimum conductivity of not too high and not too less.

  • Fresh Texture

    • Based on scrutinized test, texture is fresh and no sticky feeling.

  • Optimum viscosity
    • Thick enough and thin enough to leave no residue and no need to wipe off after use.

  • Long Lasting Gel

    • It last long time in using with device and much less dry than others. 


Various natural ingredients: 

  • APEPCOMPLEX-51 (Peptide)
    • Peptides have excellent biocompatibility and specialty since they are composed of amino acids that make up our body.
    • In addition, it is broken down into various amino acids and absorbed into the body, so there are no side effects.
    • APEPCOMPLEX-51 is a peptide complex that is effective for anti-aging and whitening by blending 5 types of peptides.
  • High + Medium + Low molecular Hyaluronic Acid
    • Hyaluronic acid is a natural polymer that exists extensively in the human body and is characterized by excellent moisture retention and plays an important role in maintaining the structure of the skin.
  • Oriental Beauty Fruit Complex
    • Exhausted people in the fast-changing modern society are starting to take more interest in Healing beyond wellbeing, which emphasizes the health of body and mind.
    • Oriental Beauty Fruits Complex is an eco-healing product developed with four natural fruits that contain large amounts of estrogen.
    • It is a nature-friendly product that helps to restore damaged skin of modern people, relieve troubles, and keep it healthy.
  • Edelwiss callus culture extract
    • It is extracted from a flower and cultured in lab. It is great for anti-oxidation and anti-aging as rotecting skin against sun.
    • Thanks to its skin density improve, skin lifting and periorbital wrinkle improvement.
  • D-Panthenol
    • Panthenol is a provitamin B5 ingredient called Pantonenixinara.
    • Panthenol has an excellent effect as a moisturizer when it penetrates to the skin, it is converted into B5 and has the property of binding moisture.
    • It is widely used as a stable ingredient that goes well with other cosmetic ingredients.
  • Snow Mushroom
    • It gives the skin a moist and soft feeling of use, and increases the moisture content by adding moisture to prevent skin contraction and relaxation.
    • It forms a natural moisture film to protect the skin for a long time and add elasticity to the skin.

Eve Synergy Microcurrent Gel (500ml)

GST Included
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