Plasma Training

Advance Your Career with Plasma Fibroblast Training

A great way to advance your career is with intensive and specific training. At the Australian Dermal & Laser Institute we offer several comprehensive plasma training courses. Learning the various theories and techniques associated with intensive plasma training can not only make you a more valuable employee, but it can open your availability to an increased number of clients. We offer two specific plasma fibroblast training classes. The first plasma fibroblast training we offer is a basic course. In this one day basic training, we cover what plasma is and how the mechanisms work. As part of the training class, we also cover the basic ways plasma treatments can be used to treat various skin conditions, blemishes, and acne.


We also offer an advanced plasma fibroblast training course. This class is a full day class, and is often offered following the basic training class. In the advanced class, we teach various electrocautery theory and methods. Further, we go into an in depth description of pigmentation and treatment techniques for body lifting. The advanced class for plasma fibroblast also teaches advanced techniques and wound healing. Further, the advanced class features hands on practical experience working on the body, while the basic class only includes practical experience working on the face.

Had a plasma training with Australian Dermal & Laser Institute and it was a very knowledgeable and successful experience.
The information and support given by them is exceptional.

Ashy Ram - May 30th, 2019


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