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At The Australian Dermal & Laser Institute we offer several courses on how to use various lasers and administer laser treatment. One of our most popular laser training courses is IPL training. IPL is the abbreviated form of intense pulsed light. This type of laser treatment is commonly used for hair removal. IPL training also covers various methods for skin rejuvenation. Using a laser to revitalize the skin is a common practice that is regularly used by aestheticians and dermatologists alike.

We offer two different laser training courses. The first is a comprehensive course that covers both hair removal and skin rejuvenation. This is a two-day course. The first day covers the theory behind skin anatomy and composition, while the second day of the training course covers the practical use of the laser. Students enrolled in this course will learn about the laser itself, the various uses for the laser, and understand the purpose of the various light wavelengths within the laser. Further, students will also learn about different skin types, as well as different genetic and hormonal reasons for excessive hair. We also offer a comprehensive day and a half training course which covers skin rejuvenation using a laser. This training tends to cover the various ways a laser can help remove the appearance of scars from acne, lesion removal, and skin rejuvenation. About half of the training will be devoted to training students how to treat patients with various skin and dermatological concerns.

Had a plasma training with Australian Dermal & Laser Institute and it was a very knowledgeable and successful experience.
The information and support given by them is exceptional.

Ashy Ram - May 30th, 2019


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