Dermaplane Training

Understanding Dermaplane Training

At The Australian Dermal & Laser Institute, we offer training courses to assist with dermaplane training. This is a practice that helps to remove dead skin cells, commonly from the face. The process helps with skin rejuvenation, as the body has a quicker cell turnover. Further, this practice can help increase circulation and blood flow to the face. Results typically last about 4 weeks, and hair will grow back thinner and more fine with each subsequent treatment. Although there are several products and techniques used for dermaplane training, our training facility prescribes to Epiblading.


In our Epiblading training class, students will be immersed in a three part training program. First, students are encouraged to take an online course which will teach them about the various layers of the skin, composition of skin cells, and review skin anatomy. Next, the students will participate in a face to face training. During this training, the student will learn about Epiblading, including how the treatment works. Lastly, in the third part of the training, students will have the opportunity to learn about Epiblading in practice. This means that each student will have the opportunity to partake in a demonstration, as well as practice Epiblading themselves. Following the third part of the class, students are encouraged to take an assessment to receive their certification in Epiblading. This certification can help increase students' clientele as well as their marketability to other salons, spas, and dermatological offices around the country.

Had a plasma training with Australian Dermal & Laser Institute and it was a very knowledgeable and successful experience.
The information and support given by them is exceptional.

Ashy Ram - May 30th, 2019


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